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 Keck's Exclusives: Elena and Katherine To Face-Off on Vampire Diaries

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PostSubject: Keck's Exclusives: Elena and Katherine To Face-Off on Vampire Diaries   Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:12 pm

Bewitched, I Dream star?trek?complete?seriesof Jeannie and The Patty Duke Show all did it way back star?trek?dvdin the '60s, and next season on star?trek?generations The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev's Elena will star?trek?box?setmake her onscreen debut on the same screen Criminal mindswith Nina Dobrev's Katherine,Criminal minds dvd who made her dramatic return to criminal minds season Mystic Falls posing as criminal minds episode Elena in May's season finale.

Want more Criminal minds series dvd Vampire Diaries scoop? Subscribe to TV Criminal minds dvd collection Guide Magazine.

"I can't talk much about criminal minds season 5 it yet," says executive producer criminal minds season 4 Julie Plec, "but one of the big surprises is criminal minds tv that Katherine comes face to face with Elena."

How does Nina Curb Your Enthusiasm dvdfeel about playing both Elena and her 19th Curb Your Enthusiasm season century doppelg?nger in the same scenes?Curb Your Enthusiasm box set "I will have to ask for a second pay check,"Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd collection kids the 21-year-old, who as a child marveled Curb Your Enthusiasm series dvd over Lindsay Lohan's dua curb your enthusiasm episode performance in Seinfeld dvdThe Parent Trap. While special effects Seinfeld dvd season have advanced a thousandfold since Seinfeld box setElizabeth Montgomery's Samantha/SerenaSeinfeld seriesface-offs on Bewitched, Nina is still CSI Las Vegas dvdworried about emoting opposite a CSI Las Vegas dvd seasonstand-in tennis ball when the series CSI Las Vegas box set resumes production in July.CSI dvd "It will be difficult because a lot of acting CSI Las Vegas dvd collectionis reacting to the other person,CSI Las Vegas series dvd but it'll be fun to step out CSI season 10of my comfort zone."

The 27-year-old Remington Steele dvd season model-actress will portray Eva, Chuck Bass' Remington Steele dvdnew fling, in multiple episodes beginning Remington Steele dvd box setwith the Paris-set Season Remington Steele series dvd4 premiere of the CW drama, according to Xena Warrior Princess seasonEntertainment Weekly.

Poesy's casting was Xena Warrior Princess series dvdfirst reported by The Wrap.

Poesy, who played Heroes dvd seasons Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,Heroes dvd will also appear in the series' two final films, slated toHeroes season 4 hit theaters in November Heroes series dvdand in July 2011, respectively.

Are you excited Lost complete series dvd to see Poesy on Gossip Girl?

Curb Your Enthusiasm,star trek dvdDavid's semiautobiographical sitcom,star trek generations brilliantly blends spontaneity, star trek box setsocial commentary, and intricate plotlines Criminal mindsthat resolve with the precision Criminal minds dvdof a typical Seinfeld episode.criminal minds seasonThe comparison makes sense, criminal minds episodesince David co-created that show too.

"I think [Curb] has a spontaneity to it,Criminal minds series dvd because it's improvised, Criminal minds dvd collectionthat's really refreshing,"criminal minds season 5 David says. "I think it deals with a lot of subjects criminal minds season 4that a lot of people thinkcriminal minds tvabout but never express. Curb Your Enthusiasm dvdThere's an honesty to it."

Watch video Curb Your Enthusiasm season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Since Curb Curb Your Enthusiasm box setYour Enthusiasm debuted on HBO as a one-hour Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd collectionspecial back in 1999, David has provided Curb Your Enthusiasm series dvd his actors with just outlines, not scripts.

Check out CSI dvdphotos from Curb Your Enthusiasm

The freedom he CSI Las Vegas dvd collectiongives his actors helps ensure fast, honest reactions to CSI Las Vegas series dvdDavid's provocative behavior on the show. CSI season 10Playing an irascible,Medium season argumentative version of himself,Medium dvd he inspires debate about Medium series which social conventions are truly Medium dvd box set necessary and which arecsi miami dvd seasona waste of everyone's time.

The situations csi miami dvd inspired enough debate crime scene investigation dvd for a new program, Curb: csi miami series dvdThe Discussion, which will follow Disney dvd collection Curb Your Enthusiasm after its basic-cable debut Tuesday on TV Guide Network. The Discussion, which David is co-producing, features an disney 100 years of magic dvd box setarray of guests, including actors Disney dvd box set, musicians, and social figures, disney dvddissecting the ethical issues Disney box set raised by each episode.

"[Executive producer] Scott Carter disney classic collectionhas done an amazing job of casting the show.Disney dvdIt's pretty interesting.Disney classic dvd They're putting together some great panels," David says.Disney series dvd "I've seen a few and I kind Michael Jackson DVD Collectionof got a kick out of it."

David has resisted Michael Jackson DVDthe urge to join the debate, letting Michael Jackson series dvdhis shows speak for themselves.michael jackson 32 dvd But he was tempted to chime in once,Michael Jackson Ultimate dvdhild's doll and then steals the head Michael Jackson Ultimate series dvdof another child's doll Michael Jackson Ultimate dvd box setto replace it. When he has to find a hiding place The shield dvd season for the stolen head, he chooses The shield dvdthe front of his pants.)

"During a break on The shield dvd box setthe one that Jerry [Seinfeld] was on, I did say The shield season 7something because Jerry said Grey's Anatomy dvd season I should have put the doll's Grey's Anatomy dvd head in my pocket instead of Grey's Anatomy dvd box setin my crotch, and I had to interrupt Grey's Anatomy series dvdand say that it wouldn't fit buy get smartin my pocket."

As he looks back get smart dvd on the first seven seasons of Curb,get smart season David is also gearing up for an eighth get smart series dvdseason, which is set to premiere in 2011.get smart box set Given that it's now the longest-running the west wing dvd scripted series in HBO history,the west wing dvd seasonDavid is confident there's plenty of Discussion the west wing box setfodder still to come.

"Usually when a season ends, Bones dvd seasonespecially a season Bones dvd as successful as last season,Bones dvd box set it takes a while to recharge and come buffy the vampire slayer dvd up with enough ideas so you know buffy the vampire slayer dvd seasonsthat you'll have a funny season. So it took some time," buffy dvdDavid says. "But I think we've buffy the vampire slayer box set got some good stuff coming up for Season 8."

Watch Curb buffy the vampire slayer series dvdYour Enthusiasm, followed by Curb: The Discussion,stargate atlantis dvd on Wednesday at 10/9c on TV Guide Network.
Poll: Idol Fans stargate atlantis dvd seasonWant Bret Michaels to Replace Simon Cowell

After Bret Michael's stargate atlantis box set surprise appearance on American Idol, 68 percent of voters say the Poison front man should replace Simon Cowell stargate atlantis season 5as the new judge of the reality singing competition.
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Keck's Exclusives: Elena and Katherine To Face-Off on Vampire Diaries
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