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 Disney Offers Refund For Popular Children's DVD Series

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PostSubject: Disney Offers Refund For Popular Children's DVD Series   Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:29 pm

The "Baby Einstein" brand earns the disney dvd collection corporation hundreds of millions of dollars every year, but it's dropping the word "educational" from its marketing strategy. disney dvd collection is now offering parents a full refund on any "Baby Einstein" DVDs bought since 2004.

Couple that with the American Academy of Pediatrics saying kids younger than 2 shouldn't be watching any TV at all, and it's got some parents wondering whether television should play a role in parenting.

"Alright, let's do it, remember JJ?" asks Stacy Ackerman to her 2-year-old son J.J. "The wheels on the bus go round and round!"

It's a familiar song for mother and son, and it's all part of J.J.'s DVD collection, from the "Baby Einstein" series. Ackerman says the series has helped to build J.J.'s vocabulary.

"By the time he turned a year, we went to the doctor, and they asked if he can say five to 10 words," said Ackerman,"And we said '50 to 60 words.' His vocabulary, partly from these DVDs, was extraordinary."

But the popular series, aimed at toddlers, is taking some criticism, as pediatricians now say children should not be watching TV until the age of 2, disney dvd collection is now offering full refunds for the DVDs. At Madison's Junction Road Target, a refund doesn't necessarily mean recall.

"Usually they come from headquarters," said Target Manager David Gauder, "But each store is empowered, if guests have a concern, or we notice a concern with an item, we can send that up to make sure all stores are getting the same message."

The message of a refund isn't resonating with shoppers like Jill Tutaj.

"I, myself, will keep them," said Tutaj. "I'm not going to bring them back. I don't think that there's anything wrong with them, but every parent can have their own opinion on what they want to use."

"Nothing's going to make my kid a genius, you know?" said Ackerman."There isn't a video out there that's going to make him a genius, so I don't expect him to walk away being the smartest kid in the world."
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Disney Offers Refund For Popular Children's DVD Series
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