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 Queer as Folk: Where Are They Now?

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PostSubject: Queer as Folk: Where Are They Now?   Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:54 pm

Queer as folk, a remake of a British hit series, debuted on Showtime in 2000. It centred on a group of friends (Brian, Ted, Emmet, Justin and Michael), their lives, loves and lots of sex. Groundbreaking in its openness about gay sexuality, whether or not the show had a positive impact on the gay community was oft debated.

In The Advocate magazine in June 2001, Michael Rowe said the debate centred on "whether the show's portrayal of drug-taking, sex-seeking, flamboyant club puppies paints an oversimplified and negative picture of gay life, one that doesn't accurately represent gay people." Queer as folk DVD set

Peter Paige, who played Emmett on the show, responds by saying, "What I think the show portrays is flawed, human, fully sexualized gay people, which is something we've never seen before on television. So hell yes, I think it's good for the community."

Paige was one of a number of out cast members who became icons in the gay community.

Effeminate Emmett Honeycutt Out and Proud
Paige had concerns prior to taking the part of Emmett Honeycutt that the role would typecast him as a 'big queen.' He decided to take the risk, and as he told Michael Rowe, "And if the gods of Hollywood dictate that this it for me so be it....I wasn't going to turn this one down out of fear." Queer as folk DVD set

Paige has worked on numerous projects since with parts in Grey's Anatomy, Without A Trace, and CSI:Miami. He has a number of projects either in development or pre-production including a movie with his Queer as Folk co-star Thea Gill (who played Lindsay, one half of the cursory lesbian couple on the show.) Paige also turned his hand to directing on the movie Leaving Barstow, which won a number of awards at independent film festivals.

Brian Kinney Antithesis of Emmett Honeycutt
Gale Harold, who in an interview 'begrudgingly came out as straight', played the role of Brian Kinney. Emotionally stunted, brash and unapologetic, Harold played the role of man-killer to perfection. In an interview with Greg Hernandez on in July 2008, Harold described his Kinney character as 'essentially, an absolutely-realized gay man living with no boundaries.'

Gale Harold has worked steadily since the end of Queer as folk, including a role as a white supremacist on Grey's Anatomy, and he joined Desperate Housewives in 2008. Later that year, Harold sustained significant injuries in a motorcycle accident. He returned to acting in May 2009 on Desperate Housewives, and he is currently filming a horror movie titled Fertile Ground, slated for release in 2010.

Randy Harrison a.k.a Sunshine
Randy Harrison played Justin Taylor, a naive virgin, infiltrated into gay life by the experienced Brian Kinney. Justin was dubbed 'Sunshine' by Debbie Novotny for his bright and endearing smile. His character dealt with a number of important issues, among them hate crimes (Season 1 ended in a gay bashing) and coming out to unaccepting parents, as well as dealing with the intergenerational relationship with Kinney .

Harrison, since the end of Queer as folk, has done more theatrical work than television. He recieved rave reviews for his work with the Berkshire Theatre Festival where he most recently starred in a production of Henrik Ibsen's 'Ghosts'.

In 2006, Harrison with Marci Adilman founded a not-for-profit arts collective centred in Brooklyn called the arts bureau . The collective works on developing and creating original works in film and video and sponsoring music, theatre and writing projects.Queer as folk DVD 1-5

Ben and Michael
One of the on-going meaningful storylines of Queer as Folk involved the relationship of Ben Bruckner and Michael Novotny. Bruckner, played by out actor Robert Gant, had HIV which created opportunities to discuss issues such as safe-sex and partner visitation rights in hospitals. Gant came out to The Advocate magazine in 2002 and he said, "I'm really glad that the exploration of HIV in gay culture has become such as integral part of the show, because it is and has been one of the single most galvanizing forces in the gay community."

Prior to his role in Queer as folk Gant appeared in many television shows including Friends, CSI, Ellen, The Closer and Caroline in the City. Most recently, he starred in a BBC series titled Personal Affairs.

Gant, who made People Magazine's Top Bachelor list in 2005 is more than just a pretty face. He has a law degree from Georgetown University and he gives back to the gay community by supporting organizations that support the gay elderly, including Senior Advocacy for GLBT Elders of which he is the honorary spokesperson.

Queer as Folk & The L Word
Without Queer as Folk, the L Word would not have aired. QAF, as it came to be known by its legions of fans, opened up the world of gay people to a wide mainstream audience like never before. The impact, like Ellen before it and The L Word after can still be felt.

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Queer as Folk: Where Are They Now?
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