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 The L Word: Which character that you wish to come back?

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PostSubject: The L Word: Which character that you wish to come back?   Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:32 pm

I definitely want Dana back, she was always my favorite, and she was sorely lacking in The L Word seasons dvd. Unfortunately she is dead and I don't want some crappy ghost story.

Lara was my second favorite, even though she was never a real regular, I feel she deserved more than the first 2 mins of The L Word seasons dvd 4to explain what happened. I would be so happy to see her and Alice, but I guess that is gone too.

Tasha would be my next, I hope she is either already back from Iraq when The L Word seasons dvd 5 starts and I PRAY TO GOD they don't give her the same BS they gave Lara... i.e the first 2 mins "oh Tasha died, bad luck."

Carmen and Marina are ok, but itís too late for Marina imo and Carmen wouldn't really fit in now I think. Tonya was annoying, I liked Mark, and there was no real explanation as to what happened to him.
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The L Word: Which character that you wish to come back?
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