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 House: In Praise of the Fantasy Fling

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PostSubject: House: In Praise of the Fantasy Fling   Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:38 pm

In the last episodes of DR HOUSE DVD, Dr. Gregory House and his vixen boss Lisa Cuddy hooked up. Or so we thought. In the season finale, we learned that House hallucinated the whole thing. Damn! Fans have been rooting for the two doctors to get together for years. Looking toward the new episodes coming this fall, one question still lingers: What's going to happen with the "Huddy" story line?

As much as DR HOUSE DVD fans wanted the real thing, the fantasy Dr. DR HOUSE DVD and Lisa Cuddy (affectionately known as "Huddy") hookup is a good thing for the show. (House MD creator David Shore seems to think so too.)

In the last few episodes of DR HOUSE DVD, Dr. House began to suffer from Vicodin-induced hallucinations -- seeing his friend Wilson's dead girlfriend and letting her influence his medical decisions.

A real one-night stand would have overshadowed Dr. DR HOUSE DVD's struggle with Vicodin-induced hallucinations. After all, the show was never about the "Huddy" relationship, but about the extraordinary, troubled mind of Dr. House. What would House be without a Vicodin addiction and a secret lust for his ungettable boss? Normal? That wouldn't be any fun at all.
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House: In Praise of the Fantasy Fling
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