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 Criminal Minds: Unsubs you feel sorry for?

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PostSubject: Criminal Minds: Unsubs you feel sorry for?   Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:55 pm

Admit it, there were unsubs on the show you wanted to burn, shoot, stab, etc. But then they were the unsubs, who despite what they did, you can't help but feel sorry for, often ones who were mentally ill or a similar Criminal Minds dvd box set reason. Here are mine. What are yours?

Criminal Minds dvd box set 217- Roy - While it may not go as far as it did in this case, PTSD among soldiers is real. We can all feel the sadness at the end when he is killed.

Criminal Minds dvd box set 218- Jones - Being raped and used up like she was and no one helped with the exception of the one cop. It's easy to see how she could slip into insanity the way she did.

Criminal Minds dvd box set 310- I'm sorry but all the victims got what they deserved. The killer still had to be stopped though, otherwise he would have ended up hurting someone innocent
Las Vegas seasons dvd it is a tv show talk about some people in Lasvegas
The L Word seasons dvd follows the lives and loves of a group of lesbian friends living in Los Angeles.
The Sopranos dvd box set will let you know the Underworld.
ER 1-15 DVD was a medical drama that aired on NBC for 15 seasons.
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Criminal Minds: Unsubs you feel sorry for?
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