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 Fans of 'House' need healing, closure also

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Well Trained Mousie

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PostSubject: Fans of 'House' need healing, closure also   Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:02 pm

"DR HOUSE DVD" hasn't been a barrel of giggles since Kutner's shocking suicide in late March - an act that opened not only a new and unusually morbid window on House's psyche, but deeply polarized fans. Go ahead and ask - was Kutner's exit the worst and most shocking in "House" history? "DR HOUSE DVD" needs to heal, and to a certain extent, so do its fans.

In a wonderful scene a few weeks ago, Wilson - as usual - got to the core of DR HOUSE DVD's desperation. "After Amber died, I withdrew and hoped to find some deeper truth. I was wrong. I should have gotten back to the here and now." But House, down to his stubble, needs answers. That's how he's engineered.

"Sometimes, there isn't any reason," Wilson said. "You should be losing it." For our hero or a prime-time entertainment, that's hardly satisfactory. He needs a reason. We need one too. This is why I think Kutner (also as hallucination?) is back one last time. The fifth season of DR HOUSE DVDis screaming for closure.
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Fans of 'House' need healing, closure also
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