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 what a person should learn from prison Break?

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PostSubject: what a person should learn from prison Break?   Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:21 pm

What a man should learn from Prison Break?
1 MichaelScofield
Mind. Michael, as the protagonist of this series, has been given the wisdom and calm by the director, almost perfect and known what

others didn't know.
2 LincolnBurrows
Courage. Lincoln should be the most manly man in the whole play. He knows that is a trap but still get into to rescue his son. If

you lose wealth, you lose a little; if you lose honor, you lose a lot; if you lose your courage, you have lost everything.

3 BenjaminFranklin
Responsibility. As a U.S. soldier, when he found prisoner abuse, he has the courage to stand up to expose but was framed later. In

order to get reunion wit his wife and daughter, he makes his mind to escape from the prison...

4 JohnAbruzzi
Dignity. "I kneel only to God, but he is not here." The last words in his life has won the respect from others...

5 DavidApolskis
Loyalty. In the end, when he was arrested by the FBI, he did not betray his friends and decided to be faithful...

6 TheodoreBagwell
Faith. As one of the most unpopular companions, he was excluded by his partners from the beginning. Lost his left hand twice, received large sums of money twice, he is the only man who is lonely...

7 FernandoSucre
Romantic Only a 16-month prison sentence, he decided to escape from the prison. The reason is that his girl friend will marry another person..Each woman may have wondered: If I were his girlfriend, that would be nice...

8 SaraTancredi
Dedicated When the prison began to riot, she ignored the advice of guard captain and insisted to rescue a prisoner who caught a head stroke. When JohnAbruzzi is on the edge of dying, it is she who accompanied JohnAbruzzi and cryed "John, hold on, breathe, hold on, you'll be fine." That was when she was most beautiful... Sara is like an angel.

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what a person should learn from prison Break?
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