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 Breaking Bad

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PostSubject: Breaking Bad    Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:23 pm

Breaking bad is a drama about a high school chemistry teacher who's suffering from the world's worst case of mid-life crisis and becomes a criminal. Breaking Bad comes from the old saying "break bad" in southern United States, mainly used to describe those misguided people in the struggle between good and evil behavior and mood. Cranston plays Cheimstry teacher Walter White. He has a loving wife, a child with Cerebal Palsy and another is on the way. While He also happens to be dying from an inoperable lung cancer, which happened although he "never smoked." The rot has set in one after another. He was frustrated and disappointed to the bottom. The person who has the bad mood and in poor living conditions always do some surprise things. Since he is a chemistry teacher,then he choose the evil but expected road-drug trafficking.
Walter decided to take the risk of drug development by his professional knowledge and then sellthem by himself. He was in a desparate situation from the beginning, now he stepped into the criminal abyss. On the one hand, he must cope with the concern from his family. On the other hand, he must deal with the drug trafficking carefully and adapt himself to the hidden rules. How could he achieve this? Actually, he didn't even think this before. In order not to leave his family with nothing, a quick way to make a lot of money came into his mind. You don't like what Walter is doing, but at the same time you try to understand why he is doing it. He was forched to do so. He is one of us in the trouble.

nice cheap Breaking bad seasons 1 to 3 DVD

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Breaking Bad
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