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 Bones---Amazing Show!!

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Little Mousie
Little Mousie

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PostSubject: Bones---Amazing Show!!   Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:22 pm

At first glance, Bones
is a solid crime procedural. But as the series enters its fifth season, it's clear that Bonesreally works as a romantic drama as well. In the past five years, "Bones"has redefined the procedural while producing a truly unique show filled with drama, comedy and the most satisfying romantic tension between two characters in years. Featuring challenging cases, intriguing mysteries, gruesome discoveries, fascinating character interactions, and truly touching and shocking turns in the lives of a cast of characters an increasingly growing fanbase have come to know and genuinely care about, "Bones"has proven that it still has plenty of tricks to show, and this wonderfully strong drama will remain on television for seasons to come.


The Tribe DVD 1-5
sons of anarchy 1-2
bones 1-5
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Bones---Amazing Show!!
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