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 Saving Grace Seasons 1-3 DVD cheap and hot!

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PostSubject: Saving Grace Seasons 1-3 DVD cheap and hot!    Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:49 pm

The show stars Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter in her first television series, as well as Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Laura San

Giacomo, Bailey Chase,ect. Saving Grace focuses on Grace Hanadarko (Hunter), a smoking, heavy drinking, and promiscuous Oklahoma

City detective. In the series opener, Grace meets up with her "last-chance" angel, when after a night of drinking she runs down and

kills a pedestrian with her Porsche. In desperation she calls out for God's help, and a scruffy, tobacco-spitting man who calls

himself Earl (Rippy) appears.Unfolding his wings to reveal his divine origins, Earl tells her that she's headed for hell, and asks

if she's ready to turn her life over to God...Holly Hunter is magnificent as Grace! Amazing how she embodies that character so

easily!! Sure, there is violence and nudity and harsh language. Life is FULL of that. Not everyone is Christian and not everyone

finds nudity disgusting...The screenwriters and director Nigel Cole go to great pains to make sure the film doesn't trivialise

drugs. They ensure that while we recognise Grace and Matthew's actions as being illegal, we root for them, culminating in a feel-

good fantasy ending which cleverly gets round the big moral question of what happens to the marijuana once Grace sells it. Very


Saving Grace Seasons 1-3 DVD

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Saving Grace Seasons 1-3 DVD cheap and hot!
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