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 never late to watch it...

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Wild Field Mouse
Wild Field Mouse

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PostSubject: never late to watch it...   Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:11 pm

Lorre of landed at Warner Bros. with a rich overall deal after generating such hits as "Cybill" and "Grace Under Fire," but his first few stabs at birthing another cash machine didn't escape the womb -- among them the intriguing premise "Nathan's Choice," which would have featured alternative endings with each rerun.

By comparison, "Two and a Half Men Season 7 DVD" hardly qualifies as groundbreaking, but it's smooth and self-assured in its "Odd Couple" milieu, with two mismatched brothers (one with a 10-year-old son) thrown together as awkward roommates.

Charlie Sheen plays Charlie, a womanizing jingle writer living the bachelor life at his beach house, only to have the persnickety Alan (Jon Cryer) turn up uninvited, his marriage in a shambles. Alan remains in denial about the prospects of a reconciliation, while Charlie takes the young boy (Angus T. Jones of "Bringing Down the House") under his wing -- which means teaching him to play poker while learning that having him around is a great way to pick up women. "You're better than a dog," Charlie marvels after a brief encounter in the supermarket.

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never late to watch it...
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