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 Carbon rod, the king of the

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Well Trained Mousie
Well Trained Mousie

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PostSubject: Carbon rod, the king of the   Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:47 am

In the Tokyo suburbs have a mysterious place, that is Guluobulai the graphite shaft production base. Because the materials and more advanced materials for the Japanese military, so in addition to workers, is the company's executives have not admitted! It produces carbon fishing rods may be long ten meters, but weighs only 42, the force was able to reach two pounds, worth a million dollars or tennis Similarly, with this cutting-edge material of the third generation of carbon fiber shaft. The ultra high density SVF, high strength, high modulus carbon fiber cloth, resin and other ingredients to maximize the reduction, the tension per unit area of the maximum compressive pressure against 80 tons of carbon cloth of carbon filament uniformity and density are unprecedented for more than 2,000 silk.wilson blx Racquets A new generation of non-crystalline metallic carbon rod as the core technology, the use of the atomic sizes of alloy composition, composition containing copper, titanium, nickel, zirconium and beryllium, and many other elements, relative to other metals with higher flexibility and more strong hardness,Wilson Racquets strength than titanium, nearly 2 times than with other materials to pass the ball club more energy. To maximize the suppression of the ball when the energy loss, like the steel is generally of energy,Babolat Raptor 102 Racquet the power swing to ensure the best delivery and the stability ball. A fundamental solution to the graphite shaft of all power problems, challenges of torque, all the resilience and elastic limit. "Supernatural" third-generation carbon fiber rods led to the emergence of another revolution in golf equipment,Babolat Aero Storm Racquet is the industry known "God's whip"!
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Carbon rod, the king of the
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