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 Carbon rod, the king of the

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Well Trained Mousie

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PostSubject: Carbon rod, the king of the   Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:52 pm

The king of the carbon rod in suburban Tokyo has a mysterious place, that is GuLuo brigham carbon rod body production base. Because the raw materials for many Japanese military tips, so, in addition to materials, is a company executives are workers not to enter! It by the production of carbon fishing rod is long 10 meters, but weigh only four two, but with 20 jins can force, worth $ten thousand or more. Also, with this tip of the third generation materials to make carbon rod body. Its ultra slim, high strength, wholesale golf clubsSVF density high modulus carbon fiber cloth, maximum limit cut resin, the composition such as per unit area compressive tension highest can fight 80 tons of pressure, carbon cloth of carbon wire evenness and density are to unprecedented 2000 silk above. A new generation of carbon stem to non-crystalline metal technology as the core, of the atom, different sizes of the alloy component, contain copper, titanium, nickel, zirconium and beryllium, and many other elements, with relative to other metal material higher flexibility and stronger than titanium strength, hardness higher than nearly 2 times, than with other material made of clubs to the ball more energy. Ping Anser Forged IronsThus maximum limit suppresses shot of energy losses, as general energy, ensure steel swing of the power transmission and the stability of the best shot. Fundamentally solve the carbon rod body, all the stress challenges the torque and toughening force and elastic limit of all. "Paranormal" of the third generation of carbon fiber bar appears triggered a golf clubs and then a revolution, was the professionals will recognize "the whip" god!!!!!
By magical production technology and sophisticated carbon fiber materials to make a DuoZhong elastic coefficient of the rod of the body, can satisfy the old ball friend to professional tour amateur players each kind of demand,ping g20 driver it can make each almost the ball friend can feel the brandish lever relatively easily, thus greatly increased the pleasure of participate in the sport. In Japan at present have to piece of mountains JinWu sir, as a representative of the nearly 30 a professional players use of the third generation of brigham GuLuo cue, their carbon day tour battlefield. Japanese media have a classic sum up: Callaway FT iZ Driver"piece of mountains the prince" hand of god "waving 'god', has five times whip took all Japan the highest prize."
Royal taste for half a century, GuLuo had always lead the world of science and technology of carbon cue the development direction of the:
L, 1963 study developed the first generation of carbon rod body, and produced the world the first a carbon rod rod;
L 1967 years produced the world the first a golf club; carbon
L 1971 will be the second generation carbon technology for use in golf clubs, and its carbon rod production technology to provide badminton,Callaway FT Hybrid tennis etc producers;
L 1988 carbon fiber wood pole "CARBOREX series" establish and pioneering four direction wrapping technology. The technology is still many golf clubs merchants core production technology;
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Carbon rod, the king of the
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