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 The United States golf open mike Roy first grand slam record

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PostSubject: The United States golf open mike Roy first grand slam record   Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:31 am

Beijing time this morning, Northern Ireland 22 players mike Roy in the United States congress country club gave up 268 stem (65, 66, 68, 69), less than 16 stem, break event par 72 records,wholesale golf clubs in the 111th hole on the us open to realize the win a grand slam, after the second world war the U.S. open champion young. Mike Roy round hand over head, from the first round mantra leading to the last round, eventually leading Australia 23 years old DaiYi eight pole achieve victory player. This is also DaiYi for the second consecutive game grand slam first runner-up.
Until this week, the us open 72 hole few strokes record for the lowest: 272 rod, NiKeLaoSi by (in 1980, BaTeSi ROM), lee-jenson (in 1993, BaTeSi ROM), Tiger Woods (2000) and don frick possessed, round (2003), four people share. Olympia In addition, Titleist AP1 710 Ironswoods in 2000 also created 72 hole in the record: less than 12 bar par. But this week mike Roy and refresh the two records, becoming U.S. open champion in history. The fifth young
This is the Northern Ireland player in the us open for the second year in a row on sealing the king, in other words, has fifth consecutive grand slam into the American players, this bag is created record before. In 1994, the American players have won four consecutive grand slam games--aulas check treasure (American masters), el (the United States), open, Nick price (British open and the U.S. PGA championship).
Mike Roy is with 54 holes record number into the final round of the stem. This morning he played 69 stem, below par 2 rod, 36 holes for refresh, 54 holes and 72 hole record, become 2002 woods in the United States since the first open victory player.Callaway RAZR X Irons Realize At the same time, he also became the us open history to the third round of the 70 all of the stem seeker. Can say, mike Roy is in his father's testimony, a record of one by one. When he was in the 18 holes jog ball into the hole, leave the putting green, father welcomed the past. "Happy father's day!" Winners said. There is no doubt that this is a happy father's day.
To win the victory, and in the world rankings McRoy up to fourth place before (Cool, this is his 90th European tour second champions (2009 dubai desert classic), the world within the scope of the third championship (2010 years), this tournament in terror valley is a grand slam his 11 th. He won the U.S. open champion bonus of $1.44 million.
Mike Roy this title let him get in the future five years American masters, British open, the PGA championship and the players championship qualification. Over the next 10 years,callaway x22 irons mike Roy also can directly to the us open. In addition to the grand slam of the participative qualifications, mike Roy also automatically be five years guaranteed tour beauty.
South Korea's LiangRongYin the game played well into the final round, when in the second, he alone in the last eight holes swallowed three bogies, eventually gave up 71 stem, flat, fell to the third par, and the world's second lee-diego wood, and two American player Kevin-ZhaPeiEr, Robert Gary gus tie. They four people results for 278 stem, Mizuno MP 53 Ironsbelow par 6 stem. Tiger Woods did not take part in the game because of a leg injury.
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The United States golf open mike Roy first grand slam record
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