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 I see on television every time it is issued.

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Little Mousie
Little Mousie

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PostSubject: I see on television every time it is issued.   Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:49 am

I see on television every time it is issued. This is a series that just hangs and can not resist.

I would especially like to watch the extras on this set. Since then others have told you quite well, included episodes, I'll go into some of the extras on the disc fourthTwo and a Half Men DVD

One is a "tour" to set Angus (Jake). Although less than 10 minutes, it is interesting because you get to see what is behind every corner has been set. What is the top of the stairs?True blood DVD It 'really a beach house, and what's around the corner in the kitchen was usually Berta goes or comes out?

Another extra is about 6 minutes of deleted scenes with some of the blunders during the recording of the series. Even if relatively short, it's fun to watch each star made his fair share of blunders.Ghost Whisperer DVD
There is another extra where there is a very good history of the series and how it has evolved. Charlie and Alan is "mother" really grumpy in real life? What about Bertha? How did they settle on the hiring of stars to fit the pieces? Rose was originally to be a recurring role?House MD DVD
Needless to say the episodes are great in this game, and extras will certainly add to the fun.
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I see on television every time it is issued.
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