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 How To Choose Ladies Golf Clubs

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How To Choose Ladies Golf Clubs Empty
PostSubject: How To Choose Ladies Golf Clubs   How To Choose Ladies Golf Clubs EmptyMon Aug 29, 2011 4:28 pm

The rules of golf allow a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag when you are playing a game.Each club is designed for a different purpose and will hit the ball a different distance.
Now you have to be able to decide which club to use and when. When trying to decide the length of the shot, you also need to be aware of the hight the ball will travel - this is called as the loft.
Usually clubs have a number on the head by which they can be identified. The higher the number, the lesser the distance the club will hit. Each club has a grip made of rubber, a shaft made of steel or graphite and a club head made of steel or alloy parts.
When golf was first played, the original players used clubs where the club head was made from wood, and this is how the name golf clubs With the advent of ever changing technology club heads have changed both in shape and size and are today made from hard metals such as steel or tungsten.
The club head is usually made of metal and numbered 1-9. Remember number 1 will hit further than number 9. Also remember that the higher the number the higher the ball will go.
Wedges, such as a pitching wedge or a sand wedge also come in the the iron catagory. A sand wedge is mainly used as the name would suggest to escape from bunkers, and generally wedges are used to get more height on the ball.
Putters, on which there is very little loft, are generally used on or just off the green when the ground is smooth and firm. There is a vast range of putters available to the golfer giving wide choice of shapes, weights and sizes. In fact there is no right or wrong putter and you should choose whichever give you the best results.
The hybrid or rescue club as it has become known is a combination of the wood and iron, callaway x24 ironsand is a big hit with lady golfers. Mostly it is used as a distance club, being more forgiving than a wood off the fairway. It has quickly become a standard part of the range of ladies clubs.
Most golfers put head covers on their woods to protect the heads and stop them clanking against each other when on the move. You should dry woods off carefully if they become wet, wiping off any grass, mud or sand which accumulates on the head.
When rubber grips become dirty they can be washed with soap and water. Callaway X22 IronsWhen they become shinny they are ready for a change and this can be done by your local professional.
There are many factors which can be taken into account when choosing clubs, but the most important is that you are comfortable with them. There are many brands to choose from,Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver but some practice shots with demonstration clubs will help you decide.
Before you buy any clubs, its sensible to find an outlet that will allow you to 'try out' different types of clubs in order to help make up your mind.
It may not follow that irons and woods from the same manufacturer suit your game. It could be prudent to buy some now and some later. Lots of players do not buy complete sets and will often add clubs at a later date.
It may not be necessary for you to buy a driver straight away, as this is a difficult club to use. Callaway RAZR Hawk Fairway WoodMaybe buy just a 3 or 5 wood to start. It could be that to get you going, a half set of irons would be suitable, such as a 5,7,9,PW,SW. To add more in later when you know what is required is a simple matter.

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How To Choose Ladies Golf Clubs
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