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  Tried and True Practice Routine to Play Golf Game

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  Tried and True Practice Routine to Play Golf Game Empty
PostSubject: Tried and True Practice Routine to Play Golf Game     Tried and True Practice Routine to Play Golf Game EmptyFri Oct 21, 2011 2:43 pm

A consistent, focused golf practice routine is essential to rapidly improve your golf game andonline golf clubs is the best way to practice golf. Here are a few golf practice tips and golf practice drills you can apply to your practice routine to accelerate your development.

Practice Golf with a Purpose: Recommended Golf Practice Routine

To develop a sound golf game and TaylorMade R11 Driverswing consistency, you should practice golf with a purpose and develop a consistent overall golf practice plan to focus your golf practice sessions. Here is a tried and true routine you can use as you practice golf:

Initiate golf practice session with Ping G20re-swing warm up including stretching and tempo golf practice drills.

Once warmed up, spend 5 to 10 minutes performing your golf swing in slow motion and emphasize the correct positions for the takeaway, backswing, top of backswing, backswing transition to downswing, downswing impact position, release and follow through. Practice these golf practice drill while increasing your swing speed untilPing Anser Forged Irons your swing feels natural and fluid.

Before you start hitting golf balls, set up an "alignment station" to make sure your golf shots are on target by taking two clubs and setting them up parallel to one another on the ground about 18 inches apart and pointing toward your target. The club furthest from you should form your "target line" and the club closest to you should be used to align your body parallel to the target line. Hit your golf ball from the middle of the clubs.

Next, practice golf swing tempo and crisp contact by hitting a few short pitch golf shots and chip golf shots.
Start moving through your clubs starting with your shorter irons (pitch wedge, nine iron, eight iron).
Ping K15 IronsFor your first four shots with a particular club, focus on full swing mechanics (do not worry about distance) to help instill the proper golf swing fundamentals.

Then, for the next four shots, perform your normal, full golf swing with an emphasis on a smooth, Ping K15 Driverfluid motion.

For the rest of your full golf swing golf practice session, alternate between four golf practice shots (with focus on mechanics) and four shots using your normal, full golf swing.

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Tried and True Practice Routine to Play Golf Game
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