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 Golf Swing Take Away Tip

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PostSubject: Golf Swing Take Away Tip   Golf Swing Take Away Tip EmptyWed Nov 02, 2011 3:46 pm

To get the proper golf swing takeaway tip to work,cheap golf clubs you must first look at what the pros do and try to replicate it. What is the most conventional take away and that's the one that will make the most sense in your golf swing. Here's what I like to think about when I take the club back from address.callaway x24 irons It puts my golf swing in a powerful position early on in the take away.
I picture my hands and shoulders making a big triangle. So when I initiate my take away, I use my shoulders which moves the triangle back. Callaway X22 IronsI try to keep the triangle in tact for as long as I can before I start my wrist cock.
This is termed the "one piece take away" and it's very effective in creating consistency in your golf swing.
The ONLY requirement is a higher level of flexibility in your core area to be able to keep this triangle in tact for a longer period of the initial take away. If you are restricted in this area you will implement your wrist cock way too early losing width and power in your golf swing.
The solution is a golf specific fitness and stretching program to strengthen your core golf muscles to make a BIG one piece take away.[url=]TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons
Apply this tip and your golf swing take away will be awesome.

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Golf Swing Take Away Tip
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