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 The Role Of The Hips In The Golf Swing

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PostSubject: The Role Of The Hips In The Golf Swing   Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:21 pm

Learning the role of the hips in the golf swing is very important due to the fact the hips (and core) are the main factors in a higher clubhead speed and clubs for sale The hips on the downswing can generate an amazing amount of power in your golf swing. The problem is that golfers that are out of shape won't be able to use their hips as they are too weak and restricted to do it.
From the top of the swing, the hips start to rotate as the arms drop. This rotating of the hips creates torque and lag in your core area.Ping K15 Hybrid When you're out of shape (weak and tight) you cannot physically accomplish this downswing move.
The most common move for an out of shape golfer is coming down with the shoulders and upper body first, causing a glancing blow that results in usually a weak slice.
So when golfers want to know why they slice, this could be one main reason,Ping K15 Driver which is a PHYSICAL issue I might add.
This golf swing sequence is a must for longer drives!
How about taking a different approach to your golf improvement? How about looking at the physical requirements of your golf swing and working on your body to acheive them? This is the modern golf training method.Ping G15 irons Work on what's broken (your body) and the swing will take care of itself.
So as you can see,Ping K15 Irons the role of the hips in the golf swing is one of the most critical if you want to maximize your distance and power.
Do you want to discover the secret to creating more power and consistency in your golf swing.
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The Role Of The Hips In The Golf Swing
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