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 The glory and blood in the colosseum

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Well Trained Mousie

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PostSubject: The glory and blood in the colosseum   Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:28 am

That is a period of time with slavers and slaves combining all kinds of disputes and wars…The most attractive event in that era might be gladiators who sacrifice their lives to entertain all those nobilities and slaves with variety of cruel and exciting fight with body to body. That is a real people’s show revealing the real scene in all kinds of wars with blood and glory, like spartacus gods of the arena dvd shows. The mini-series features the bloody history of the House of Batiatus and the city of Capua before the arrival of Spartacus. Quintus Lentulus Batiatus becomes a lanista when he takes over his father's ludus of gladiators. He has ambitions of stepping out of his father's shadow by seeking recognition for his own name and achieving greatness for his house. By his side stands his beautiful wife Lucretia who will help her husband achieve his goal no matter what the cost. Despite of spartacus gods of the arena DVD release date, there are a series of this name of Spartacus, like Spartacus: blood and sand.

spartacus gods of the arena season 1 dvd, spartacus gods of the arena dvd

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The glory and blood in the colosseum
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