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 British Annual Holidays

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British Annual Holidays Empty
PostSubject: British Annual Holidays   British Annual Holidays EmptyMon Nov 07, 2011 3:34 pm

Once a year most English families take an extended holiday. Until are travel became more common these family holidays were almost always spent in one of the coastal seaside resorts. Shops in the seaside towns sold buckets,spades,postcards, candy-floss, toffee-apples, sticks of rock, and fish and chips.

Pitching their camps of brightly colored canvas wind-breaks on the beach,English families spent days on end appearing to enjoy melting ice creams,leaking thermos flasks and sand in everything. Nowadays, the English start their holidays at Gatwick, Stansted or Heathrow airports and fly over those winding English lanes,bound for Spain,Greece,Cyprus,Florida or anywhere sunny where they can still be guaranteed amusement arcades, postcards to send home, and the reassuring smell of fried food.

There many carry on just as if they were still in Bognor, Blackpool or Brighton. They stick together, ignoring the existence of the natives, and spend most of the day lying in the sun. At night they drink,dance,and throw up in discotheques thoughtfully provided for the purpose by the locals.
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British Annual Holidays
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