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 Most Important Golf Muscles For Swing Power

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PostSubject: Most Important Golf Muscles For Swing Power   Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:35 am

Thousands of golfers the past few years have asked me,TaylorMade r11 tp driver "what are the most important golf muscles for golf swing power?"
My quick answer is all of them. Seriously. Every major muscle group in the body is used while swinging a golf club.Ping G15 irons It is a total body event. You stand on your feet, using your legs. And you grab the club with your hands using your arms. That pretty much covers the entire muscles of the body.
If you want to know in my opinion what the most important golf muscles are I'd start with your core muscles.Ping G15 fairway wood They are the engine to your golf swing. If they are weak or tight, you will have no power, and your swing will be very inefficient. You strengthen and stretch this area with rotational exercises because the main movement in the golf swing is rotational.
Another important muscle group is the shoulder muscles.Ping K15 Hybrid The shoulder joint is the most active joint in the golf swing, and many golfers get golf shoulder pain and injury. Especially the rotator cuff. If your shoulders are inflexible, you will have a very difficult time setting the club at the top of your backswing.
Yet another important muscle is the quadriceps or the front of the upper thigh. These muscles are critical to helping you maintain your knee flex throughout the golf swing. If they are weak, your brain will send a message to straighten, or bail out of this flex and you will lose your spine angle resulting in mishits.
This is just a few of the many important golf muscles for swing power,Ping K15 Driver and I hope you realize how important it is to maintain the strength and flexibility of them if you want to play good golf for years to come.
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Most Important Golf Muscles For Swing Power
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