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 Suppress your abnormal desires

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Well Trained Mousie
Well Trained Mousie

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PostSubject: Suppress your abnormal desires   Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:03 pm

Dexter Morgan, the embodiment of both devil and the angel, who is hunting under the neon lights of Miami bizarre carnival, using the blood of the heinous bay guys to meet the heinous killing of their own instincts at night while during the day, he is the best Miami forensic blood analysis, follow the blood trail left behind, track those bloodthirsty beast assemble to himself. Dexter in Dexter DVD has a high standard of professional analysis, but also with a serial killerís way of thinking, he is a genius, also a spree ... The hidden selling point of "Dexter" is that "You donít need to deliberately suppress your abnormal desires." Although the response of Showtime television is that a television's influence are far from large enough to affect the values of mainstream society. But such a sensitive subject, doomed it would be controversial from the launch date. Personally killed freezer truck killer (his brother), he said in the end of Dexter dvd box set: "Only he really knows me, so I do not need to hide myself, and Iím the only guy crying for his passing away..." joy, sadness, anger, fear, all in all, must endure by himself and no one to share, even a genius such as Dexter Morgan is living in this way, not to mention blues in the ordinary you and me.

Dexter dvd release date, Dexter dvd release date
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Suppress your abnormal desires
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