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 Growing up affections

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Well Trained Mousie

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PostSubject: Growing up affections   Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:38 pm

Combination of invincible youth idol drama plots, a feast for the eyes of the new generation of attractive men and women, with the spindle of those stories happened in a small town, tree hill, leading out a section of plots of family, friendship, love. One Tree Hill DVD describes the protagonist of two half-brother holding different characters, Nathan from wealthy familie is arrogant, self-confidence, and a star player in a high school basketball team while Lucas from single-parent family, is quiet, lonely. They have been maintained the distance, but with the arrangement of fate, there comes an intersection point of their lives, as they compete for the team's position and fall in love with the same girl. The two young brothers get through an unusual experience from intense mutual hostility, to acceptance and inclusive, and finally become an excellent understanding teammate, and also true brothers! Not only the feelings between the brothers is growing up in One Tree Hill on dvd, but their recognize when they face responsibility, love, forgiveness, understanding and dedication, even, adults, their parentsí attitude when they face marriage, family, loyalty, betrayal , hatred and love, growing with the impact of people around.

One Tree Hill seasons 1-8 dvd, One Tree Hill DVD
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Growing up affections
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