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 Persons unknown

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PostSubject: Persons unknown   Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:44 pm

As an American mystery drama, Persons Unknown dvd set really drive me to the brink of collapse with miserable plots and confused clues. Diverse strangers find themselves stranded in a deserted town with no idea of how they got there. Security cameras are watching their every move, defeating their attempts to leave. Faced with physical, emotional and psychological challenges, the hostages must rely on each other to survive as their abductors sow mistrust and pit them against each other. Meanwhile, an investigative reporter begins to look into the disappearances of the missing people despite intimidation by those who apparently know their every move. Executive producer Remi Aubuchon promised that the show would ďprovide all the answers to the questions that we set upĒ. Persons Unknown dvd finale was criticized for not following through on this statement. Telling the truth, it is very difficult for adults to treat unknown strangers sincerely, everybody will hold their secrets in order to protect himself. The most complex thing is humanís heart, you canít hear, you canít tough, you canít smell, and it can brew the most deadly weapons to destroy all things in this world.

Persons Unknown on dvd, Persons Unknown season 1 dvd

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Persons unknown
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