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 TaylorMade club Tall Grass Chipping Shot

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Well Trained Mousie

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PostSubject: TaylorMade club Tall Grass Chipping Shot   Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:18 am

Today I'm going to help you with one of the most troublesome shots in golf, a chip from tall grass. Even tour players would rather be in a bunker than face this shot. But once you understand the basics of the chip from tall grass, you can be effective.

As always, our goal when facing short shots from off the green is to get the ball up and in with one or two strokes. So let's get started. Out of tall grass, lower lofted irons-like a 7-iron or 8-iron-will not work. You must use a sand wedge or lob wedge for this shot.

PING G20 Irons The Tall Grass Chipping Shot
For the right hand golfer, here are the basics for the shot:
Use a narrow stance with your feet and hips slightly open to the target line.
Your weight will be positioned 70% on your front foot.
Grip the club near the bottom of the handle.
Position your hands in the middle of your left thigh.
Your arms and the club will form a Y.

On the back swing, turn your shoulders and hinge the wrists. The club head will rise up steeply. On the down swing you will rotate your hips toward the target and let your arms and club fall. At impact, trap the ball between the club face and the ground. If you want to see more, you can click on cheap golf equipment. The other way is directly click on: Ping K15 Fairway Wood
Ping K15 Irons
Ping K15 Driver

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TaylorMade club Tall Grass Chipping Shot
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