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 Golf Ball Markers - Great Golf Gift

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PostSubject: Golf Ball Markers - Great Golf Gift   Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:31 pm

Golf ball markers are one of the most used items on a golf course! You use them on EVERY hole for all 18 holes! Many golfers are even superstitious with their markers and use the same one for years and years!
Ping K15 Driver
One of the best golf gifts you can get someone is an engraved, monogrammed golf ball marker set. Not only will your recipient use them 18 times every round, cheap golf clubs will be reminded of you while doing so.
Set Of Six
Getting just one ball marker sort of defeats the purpose. Getting a set of 6 can make all the difference in the response you get from your ping rapture v2 irons! Six monogrammed ball markers for a golfer is a very thoughtful and neat gift.
Quality Counts
There are cheezy plastic ball markers and there are ones made of high quality aluminum and brass Ping K15 Irons. This makes a world of difference! Get the plastic ones and they'll never use them! Get the engraved brass ones and they'll use them and keep them Ping Anser Irons forever!
Used By The Pros
The touring pros are very superstitious with their own golf ball markers. They have some from Scotland, Ireland and even coins their children gave them. Once they play a good round with one of them, that one will for sure stay in their pocket for many rounds to come!
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Golf Ball Markers - Great Golf Gift
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