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 do you deserve a good bag?

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Wild Field Mouse
Wild Field Mouse

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do you deserve a good bag? Empty
PostSubject: do you deserve a good bag?   do you deserve a good bag? EmptyMon May 28, 2012 12:35 pm

Women love bag, but not just the bag itself. More and more people follow LV, GUCCI,PRADA and so on. Some of them pay a lot for these bags. Youth, beauty, are to obtain these incredibly expensive bags. When they lose their youth and beauty, they have nothing but these meaningless bags. These people regret for their faulty cognition while others step on this wrong way one by one.
So what makes these bags so popular? Good quality? Attractive appearance? I donít think so. Today I choose a bag optionally, to compare with bags in LV, GUCCI or some others. This bag is from, their new brand is OUOVO, and I choose a designer messenger bag women.
Firstly, we pay attention the appearance, as well as any bag of the famous brand, is designed by professional designers, the beige color is totally perfect in summer, sturdy leather handle make it more dignified, just as you office lady with real class. The product knowledge carton tag is chicly designed, and o-rings and full tublar rivet are characteristics of this bag. As a new brand, the design concept is just as advanced as any other world famous brand.
Then, letís take a look at the quality. As a typical product of OUOVO messenger bag for women, this bag is made from upper layer leather, and fastening stitch make this bag a quality assurance. The last but not the least, utility is considerate during the design. There are enough room for your ipad, iphone, and books. Two interior pockets make your stuff orderly put, inside zip pocket can ensure your valuables, and external accessory pocket keeps essentials handy.
As a typical of fashion and practical bags, this bag is so perfect, but why people prefer to pay more for a bag in LV and GUCCI? Thatís because they want vanity but not a bag. Bags show your style, but deep inside, you are you, it is unworthy losing yourself for a bag. If you are not yourself, you donít deserve a good bag.

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Wild Field Mouse
Wild Field Mouse

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do you deserve a good bag? Empty
PostSubject: sf   do you deserve a good bag? EmptyMon May 28, 2012 12:50 pm

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Wild Field Mouse
Wild Field Mouse

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do you deserve a good bag? Empty
PostSubject: Re: do you deserve a good bag?   do you deserve a good bag? EmptyMon May 27, 2013 11:30 am

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do you deserve a good bag? Empty
PostSubject: Re: do you deserve a good bag?   do you deserve a good bag? Empty

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do you deserve a good bag?
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