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 Gift of Love

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Wild Field Mouse
Wild Field Mouse

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PostSubject: Gift of Love   Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:13 pm

Before we came to this world, a man talked to us every day, we could feel his happiness and love. Then, we came to the wonderful world. The man, no matter he was a movie star or a football ace or a normal person, started a new career- to be a good father.
They played games with us. We were always the winners, though they were very excellent. They held our small hands, taught us how to walk safely. If we fell down, they would console us and encouraged us to have a try again.
They would see their way to satisfy our curiosities. When we asked “why”, they would explain again and again patiently. Becoming brilliant father is delighted. Modern years, characters and athletic stars become fantastic fathers. They are basically wonderful instances among normal people, such as hockey super star Beckham and huge actor Lei Huang. They ordinarily become modern trend. Their garment, hair style and bags are cute. OUOVO Shoulder Messenger Travel Bag is worth advising. I am convinced that Messenger Bag becomes the latest style in this summer.
Sometimes, they would be very naughty, just like us. We played jokes on others together and laughed happily. Sometimes, they would be very honest, so we could tease them randomly. No matter what we did, they would feel honored.
When we made mistakes, they would criticize us strictly. But when we nursed a grievance, they would help us to rebuke the person who made us upset. When we were young, we always thought that our fathers were the strongest people in the world.
Don’t forget that they love your forever, even if you grow up, get married and have your own families, even if they become older and older.
Boys, love your fathers, because you’ll become a father some day. girls, love your fathers, because your father is the make who loves you most.
Whys to show your love:
1. A message or a call.
2. some presents: vertical messenger bags for men, a bottle of wine, an electric shaver…
3. some other way.

Tips: Father’s Day is coming again, has a discount on that special day.
Come here, choose a bag for your dad.

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Gift of Love
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