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 how to show your love to your father

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PostSubject: how to show your love to your father   Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:00 pm

Children always love Christmas Day, Children's Day, New Year and some other joyous festivals; also, they take some other days, like Father's Day and Mother's Day. Today is Tuesday, and the Father's Day is coming on this Sunday. So guys, have you prepared a gift for your father?
As for little children, the best gift is the thing they make by their own, imagination or handmaking. They may draw a picture, make a simple doll or model, or even write their daddy a letter. Fathers can always see their heart and love from the little things.
If you are students, no matter primary, middle or high school, or even college, the best thing for your parents may be your good performance in school. If you work outside and don't live with your parents, you should give your father a phone call, of course it will be much better to go home yourself, and send him something he likes, tea, coffee, wine... If you got married, remember that your wife or your husband should also show their concern to your father; on the other hand, you should also care his or her father.
Actually, no matter what your gift is, your father will be glad. Even so, you should pay attention to his interests and disinterests to avoid your father's thought that you do not really care for him but simply do your business.
Here we may have a discussion on this gift--The Discount leather handbags. One of my friends told us that she will buy his father that because her father retired at home and was fond of travelling and outdoor things. Another boy thought that maybe a good idea as he was also fond of outdoor stuffs. So both of them bought vertical messenger bags for men for their own father. The girl's father was so surprised and so happy, while the boy's father was surprised but gloomy because he did not like the color.
That's to say, one man's meat is another man's poison. There is no best gift for all fathers. The only best is your love for your father, and you must express your love most rightly.

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how to show your love to your father
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