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 ukgolfwholesale discount Ping G20 Fairway Wood for Olympic

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PostSubject: ukgolfwholesale discount Ping G20 Fairway Wood for Olympic    Tue Aug 07, 2012 12:07 pm

The larger profile G20 Fairway generate fast ball speeds for maintaining distance, even on mis-hits, for ensuring long, straight results. The forgiveness and straight ball flight are probably my two favorite things about the club.

Ping G20 Fairway Wood comes standard with the TFC 169F, which is slightly changed from the G15 series. Designed for the G20 line, TFC 169F features higher launch, low spin, and a livelier, responsive feel with a softer tip for increasing dynamic launch. With a larger front-to-back and heel-to-toe, the G20 fairway wood sets up neutral at address and rotates square at impact. If from now on, you are start to pay attention on the fairway wood, maybe we can come together to paly golf.

Thanks to the shaft, and Ping's usual craftsmanship like build quality, these metals feel very good. There is no super great "Cling" and "Pop" off of the club head's face like we used to get from the old Ping SteelHead Plus Metals, but then again, the shaft on these is light years ahead of that shaft, and therefor the whip you feel on the follow through is quite similar, but without the corresponding loss in both distance and accuracy that plagued all of the maker's OEM Shafts of that earlier Ping G15 Fairway Wood vintage.

I didn't absolutely love this shaft for my swing, I found it to be a pretty nice compliment to the G20 fairway wood. More holf review, golf store online can give you a hand.
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ukgolfwholesale discount Ping G20 Fairway Wood for Olympic
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