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 Six New Shows (and 'Charmed') Coming to WE

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PostSubject: Six New Shows (and 'Charmed') Coming to WE   Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:45 pm

Can we agree that the word "docusoap" is one of the worst TV-related words ever invented? It's approximately 300 times worse than "dramedy." WE has just announced that they're adding six new shows (plus the long-running WB show 'Charmed DVD set') to its schedule, and almost all of them are described as "docusoaps," which pretty means that I'm not going to be watching WE anytime soon (not that I'm in their demographic anyway).

After the jump, a list of the new shows.

* 'Mother Knows Best': Joan and Melissa Rivers live in a house together and probably argue a lot. Do they really live together or is this just temporary for the show?
* 'Sunset Daze': a reality show set at a retirement home.
* 'Downsized': a reality show about unemployed parents who have a large family.
* 'You're Wearing That?': a reality show about moms and daughters who argue about clothes.
* 'Fix My Family': a relationship expert works with couples.
* 'Charmed DVD boxset': three unemployed witches learn how to raise their kids and dress themselves while living together in the same house.

Not sure why the Joan and Melissa Rivers show is described as a "docusoap." Seems like a straight reality show to me, though I guess "docusoap" is probably a new hip word for reality show. Maybe they should call it a "reali-com."

ally Mcbeal DVD
Two and a Half Men DVD
Charmed DVD
Cold Case DVD
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Six New Shows (and 'Charmed') Coming to WE
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