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 Ringgold grad's song on 'Ghost Whisperer'

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PostSubject: Ringgold grad's song on 'Ghost Whisperer'   Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:35 pm

There'll be a Mon Valley flavor to Friday's episode of "Ghost Whisperer seasons 1-4 DVD boxset" on CBS-TV.

That's because "Ghost Whisperer DVD," a song by Carroll Township native Danielle Barbe, will be featured on the Ghost Whisperer DVD set that airs 8 p.m. on KDKA-TV.

"I was speechless when Kim said they were definitely going to use 'Ghost Whisperer DVD boxset' for the soundtrack," said Barbe, a 2006 Ringgold High School graduate. "I'm delighted with the opportunity for the song to get such national exposure on a major TV network and a hit Ghost Whisperer seasons 1-4 DVD boxset. It's very exciting and humbling at the same time."

"Kim" is Kim Moses, the Donora native and Monongahela Valley Catholic High School graduate, who had Barbe perform last month at the "Ghost Whisperer DVD" 100th episode celebration in West Hollywood. Moses and her husband, Ian Sander, are executive producers and directors of the "Ghost Whisperer DVD set."

"'Ghost Town' is a perfect match for our show," Moses said. "It's a very haunting and romantic tune and certainly complements the theme of 'Ghost Whisperer DVD boxset.' And while the lyrics are so appropriate, Danielle's voice is so powerful and poignant."

Barbe, 22, will have a chance to mix business with pleasure.

"I've been a big fan of the show from the very beginning, five years ago," she said. "'Ghost Whisperer seasons 1-4 DVD boxset' has definitely influenced a lot of my music."

"Ghost Town" is the first single release from Barbe's self-titled debut CD, which was released last month.

The lyrics, as described on, focus on "being stuck in a wasteland of a town and feeling the color just drain out of Ghost Whisperer DVD. You start to worry it's going to affect you. Ultimately, it's the realization that the only remedy is to find a way to get out and get on with your life.

"A good portion of our first album has to do with really wanting Ghost Whisperer DVD set more and creating something new for yourself life, love or just taking all of your things and moving to a new town," Barbe said.

Barbe, the daughter of Dave and Tina Barbe, of Carroll Township, followed that theme to pursue singing, writing and a career in music.

"Things have been going well for us," said, Barbe, while taking a break from rehearsals for shows in the Los Angeles and West Hollywood areas. "The album has drawn a favorable Ghost Whisperer DVD boxset, we've released a second single and we're working some great clubs around the country. Now we have a second opportunity provided by Kim and Ian to draw even more exposure."

That attention is coming even before Friday's episode of "Ghost Whisperer seasons 1-4 DVD boxset" airs.

Barbe shares a promotional art card with "Ghost Whisperer DVD" start Jennifer Love Hewitt that hails "Lethal Combination," the Friday episode.

Barbe did an On Camera interview for Friday's show, and it's available on the "Ghost Whisperer DVD set" blog.

"Ghost Whisperer DVD boxset has featured some very cool (musical) artists," Barbe said. "I think by having a song on the show, it will provide a lot of exposure for my music that is otherwise very hard to come by."

In addition to their work with "Ghost Whisperer seasons 1-4 DVD boxset," Sander and Moses are busy with the fourth season of "Ghost Whisperer DVD: The Other Side IV," an award-winning online companion to the TV show. Sander said "The Other Side" was created "in response to thousands of e-mails from people around the world wanting to know, 'What it is like to be a ghost?'"

"It was a natural transition from television to the Web," Sander said. "The 'webisodes' give "Ghost Whisperer DVD set" fans everything they've ever wanted at the intersection of the living and the dead by focusing on the universal question, 'Is your house haunted?'"

The Web series stars Kasey Wilson, Mark Lute, Hailey Sole and Matt Knudsen. It is written by Moses and directed by Larry Carroll.

As she does with the "Ghost Whisperer DVD boxset" TV series, Moses pulls from her life in Donora and the Mon Valley to enrich the Web series.

"There's never a shortage of reminders, fond memories, of my hometown, so we try to work them into everything we do creatively," Moses said.

"The ghost haunting the house in the 'Ghost Whisperer seasons 1-4 DVD boxset' ... is from Donora, attended Allen and St. Charles schools in Donora, graduated from Mon Valley Catholic High School and worked for the Ringgold School District. That's a pretty good Ghost Whisperer DVD of people and we feel the audience will have a fun time trying to figure out who comprises this ghost."

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Ringgold grad's song on 'Ghost Whisperer'
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