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 Desperate Housewives Ė Episode 6-21 Review

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PostSubject: Desperate Housewives Ė Episode 6-21 Review   Sat May 08, 2010 3:51 pm

Why hello there viewers! I welcome you to another review of the sixth season ofDesperate Housewives DVD. This is episode twenty-one.

Spoiler-free zone:

The season ofDesperate Housewives DVD set is almost over, and everything seems to be in place for the two episodes that will follow. Most of the storylines progressed and by the end of theDesperate Housewives DVD boxset, not one but two bad guys were living in the lane.

Spoiler zone:

Susanís and Gabyís story where merged together in this episode ofDesperate Housewives DVD. When Gaby found out, through Carlosí co-worker, that Mike had borrowed money from Carlos, she went to Susanís house to see how she was doing. However, when Susan showed Gaby an expensive piano (which Susan had inherited but told Gaby that Mike bought it for her) Gaby snapped atDesperate Housewives seasons 1-5 DVD boxset, thinking that she had spent Carlosí money on a piano. When both of them realised what was going on, they decided to mess around with their husbands a bit (mainly because they kept a secret from them). After a dinner, were Carlos was accused of sleeping with Susan and Gaby began to cry in front of Mike, the jig was up and the girlís confronted their husbands. The whole dinner scene was quite fun to watch. Itís always a guilty pleasure watching theDesperate Housewives DVD act immature and school-like. In the end, Mike told Susan all of the money he owed, and Susan was left trying to pay the bills.

InDesperate Housewives DVD setís story, Sam is starting to look more and more suspicious. Bree sees him ignoring some lady at the store, and when Bree questions that woman, it turns out it was Samís mother. We then find out that Samís mother was (Desperate Housewives DVD boxset) not dead and that he had a really bad relationship with her because apparently Rex had sent a note saying that he wanted custody of Sam (which his mother said no to). When Bree confronted Sam, he got mad and broke a vase. TheDesperate Housewives DVDstoryline ends with Bree forgiving Andrew and admitting that she is now scared of Sam. Iím really excited to see what happens next. Sam was a small but fun little mystery and I hope it ends that way.

InDesperate Housewives DVD setís storyline, we get to see how life in her house is with Eddie amongst them. As you might have guessed, it is not a very stable lifestyle. He first freaks out and attacks Porter for calling Lynette a ďDesperate Housewives seasons 1-5 DVD boxsetĒ and then tries to contain himself when Tom yells at Lynette. Lynette, however, insists on keeping him because she herself was raised with an alcoholic mom and thus she felt for him. Tom, though, suggested that Eddie should go to therapy and when he did, the therapist told Lynette that he needs to see his mother in order for him to deal withDesperate Housewives DVD more effectively. Of course, when Lynette knocked on his motherís door, there was no answer (because as we all know, she is dead). A neighbour told Lynette that she hasnít seenDesperate Housewives DVD setís mom in quite some time, which leaves Lynette, worried. This mystery is ready to reach its conclusion which looks very promising. I hope that the writerís keep this storyline till the season finale, and donít end it in the next episode ofDesperate Housewives DVD boxset.

InDesperate Housewives DVDís story, Patrick proves to her (and to us) that he is up to no good. At the first minutes of the episode, we see him running over Nick Bolen, leaving him injured and in the hospital. Nick warns Angie that she should run away with Danny, but Angie refuses and simply sends Danny away to some camp thing as she stays byDesperate Housewives seasons 1-5 DVD boxsetís side. However, since Nick is staying at the hospital, Angie is home alone. So when she returns home, Patrick is there, threatening her and then asking her to stay at her house. Having Nick in the hospital, and Danny outside the lane and alone, she is forced to say yes. Thus,Desperate Housewives DVDís era on the lane has just begun!

So, in conclusion, while not all hell broke loose in this traditional ďDesperate Housewives DVD boxsetĒ episode, everything is set up for what seems to be, and explosive finale.
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Desperate Housewives Ė Episode 6-21 Review
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