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 Shales on TV Live: On Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, more

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PostSubject: Shales on TV Live: On Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, more   Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:46 pm

Washington Post Style columnist and Pulitzer As Time Goes By DVD set winner Tom Shales was online Tuesday, June 1, at Noon ET to discuss Battlestar Galactica DVD set, its cultural impact and his columns.

Today's column: Larry David and 'Curb Your Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD set,' kicking it up a notch for TV Guide run

Shales, The Washington Post's chief television critic for Alias DVD boxset, is the author of several books, including "On the Air," "Legends" and "Live From New York." His column, "Shales on Arrested Development DVD boxset," appears in the paper every Tuesday.

____________________ Tom is being delayed due to technical As Time Goes By DVD boxset. Hopefully he will join us soon. Please stand by.


Tom Shales: Hello, 13 minutes late, coming to you from Battlestar Galactica DVD boxset the Guatemalan Sink Hole or the surface of the sun, I am not sure which... I was supposed to be using a new Mac but guess what, the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD boxset turns out to be a complete piece of crap. Everything you want to do requires seventy-two additional steps. I hate it, I loathe it, I Alias Seasons 1-5 DVD boxset it. I won't even go see Justin Long's lousy movies any more. Onward, and yes, I AM CRANKY!!!!!!!!!


Arlington, Va.: I find both Curb and Seinfeld Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 DVD boxset cringe-worthy in many of their episodes. I suppose it all ocmes from the David-Seinfeld motto of "No learning," as the characters keep As Time Goes By Seasons 1-9 DVD boxset themselves into holes of their own making. One Seinfeld episode that reflected some strange priorities was the one where Jerry Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1-4 DVD boxset drops his girlfriend's toothbrush in the toilet, doesn't tell her, but no longer likes her when she innocently uses it. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-7 DVD boxset other people is part of the game.

Tom Shales: Yes, I see exactly what you mean and every now and then, I Alias DVD a Seinfeld rerun, even a favorite one, and I think, "Aw-oh, the tipping point! I can't find this funny Arrested Development DVD. George is too big a selfish imbecile, Jerry is too mean, Elaine is too self-obsessed, Kramer is too pathetic an idiot --" As Time Goes By DVD they are all selfish to a hideous extreme which was part of the premise of the show, so I really can't complain about it -- but is there a central Battlestar Galactica DVD at its core? And its corps?


Herndon, Va.: Mr. S: Larry David has perfected being obnoxious and Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD. There are so many great episodes from "CYE," but my favorite bit is his fight with the handicapped/disabled/crippled man about use of the Alias DVD set stall in the men's room. An absolute classic.

Tom Shales: A great one, yes. I loved the whole Arrested Development DVD set in which he played host to a poverty-stricken family victimized by the New Orleans floods, Hurricane Bush, and the mom was played by the great wonderful As Time Goes By DVD set Vivica A. Fox whose first name I have probably mangled. Staff?! Staff?! Research department?!?! I think they are out Battlestar Galactica DVD set their tootsies in a fountain........


Anonymous: I like dry humor. I love satire. But I've never liked "Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD set" or "The Office." In both cases I got the impression the writers, and actors, were saying, "We are so clever! And funny!" Maybe it's because I'm no Alias DVD boxset of Ron Howard (absolutely loathed "Beautiful Mind").

Tom Shales: Whoa, I am getting lost in these comparisons. Hard to Arrested Development DVD boxset Ron Howard and "dry humor" in the same sentence because of course he appeared for years on "Happy Days," not exactly the dryest As Time Goes By DVD boxset in the world - more of a soggy boggy mess. But I know what you mean about dry comedy, it is becoming absolutely the prevailing standard. I think Battlestar Galactica DVD boxset have done much to popularize it; they don't have room for punch lines so they threw them out; the humor is very Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD boxset and a big smug -- well this is a very large subject. Too large for such a hot day Alias Seasons 1-5 DVD boxset. Did I mention the Mac is a mess???


Seinfeld and David: Tom,

Obviously the quality and success of Seinfeld was Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 DVD boxset on several people, not just Jerry and Larry but the other Larry (Charles) and the As Time Goes By Seasons 1-9 DVD boxset of the cast itself.

But looking at the two principals and their post-Seinfeld Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1-4 DVD boxset, I'm inclined to believe that Larry David was a much greater reason for its success than the eponymous Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-7 DVD boxset.

Curb is a work of genius and that Bee Alias DVD and the Marriage Ref is more like a piece of "dung."

Your thoughts?

Tom Shales: Good point(s). Episodes of Seinfeld with a Arrested Development DVD writing credit - and his name alone, not teamed with anyone else - tend to be the best, I think. He won an Emmy for "As Time Goes By DVD," the famous or infamous episode about the four friends joining in a bet to see which of them can resist temptation the longest. That's Battlestar Galactica DVD all the explaining it needs or can get here. At his best, David comes up with some fairly brilliant insights into human character - through Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD that often seem all-too-human. Oh and perhaps like me you are awed by the supporting cast of Seinfeld and of Curb -- not that Alias DVD set but the actors who come in for one episode and just blow you away -- I wish I could remember his name but if you go way way back in Arrested Development DVD set, the actor who played the doctrinaire library detective (tracking down overdue book borrowers) was just As Time Goes By DVD set funny..........and so on through all seven or eight seasons.


No "Enthusiasm": I just don't like cringe-comedy anymore, even though I loved "Battlestar Galactica DVD set" in its era. Maybe we're all a little less full of ourselves these days?

Tom Shales: Do the timnes shape the comedy or does the comedy Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD set the times or is it a little bit of each? Probably a little bit of each. Well not probably - obviously.


I am enthralled: by BRAVO's new commercial for its Alias DVD boxset. It has an array of its reality show stars partying to a tune ("Kissed It" by artist Macy Gray, as I found out) that is absolutely Arrested Development DVD boxset. Has another network ever done such a commercial for its brand v. discrete shows? I can't think of one. Way cool commercial. It's got me thinking As Time Goes By DVD boxset in more ways than one. What do you think about the insidious(!) trend this might presage?

Tom Shales: You were enthralled, I am impressed -- but with your Battlestar Galactica DVD boxset on the promos, not the promos themselves since, I confess, I havent seen them yet. I will make it a point to watch Bravo, painful as that may be, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD boxset of these innovative promos. If there as good as you say, it seems inevitable that nearly everyone Alias Seasons 1-5 DVD boxset will be imitating them, and soon. If you have just joined us, ladies and gentlemen, my apologies for being late and let me tell you about my Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 DVD boxset with a new Mac -- oh, no time right now. Maybe later......


Arlington, Va.: Over the years you have gifted me hundreds and As Time Goes By Seasons 1-9 DVD boxset of hours, I could have used to watch lousy TV shows, but I did not, because I learned early on that when you said a show was no good, it Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1-4 DVD boxset was no good. You were always right.

Your response to my next question, if you choose to answer it, may be "a gift" to my Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-7 DVD boxset: Is subscription to HBO and whatever else comes in that package worth the $$$? I had it for a while, years ago, when I first got cable Alias DVD, but I cancelled it because in those days HBO never had anything I wanted to watch. However, things Arrested Development DVD. I felt a bit left out reading your review this morning.

Tom Shales: First, thank you for the extremely kind As Time Goes By DVD. I honestly can't imagine that I am that consistent or reliable - what critic could be? I admired and adored Pauline Kael, she was so much fun to Battlestar Galactica DVD, but a quarter of the time I thought she was absolutely batty -- as when she championed that goofy Bertolucci thing with Marlon "butterfingers" Brando - what WAS the title -- oh yeah LAST TANGO IN PARIS. But her review was great reading. Anyway, what you said Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD there in good old Arlington has given me chills and boy did I need 'em today, heh heh. And I really do think HBO is worth the money - for "Alias DVD set" and "Entourage" and that bloody vampire mess, and for the documentaries on Monday nights (or whenever) which are 8 times out of 10 Arrested Development DVD set well done - absorbing, disturbing, or both. I think TV would have a harder time justifying itself without HBO in the mix. Oh boy are you As Time Goes By DVD set be mad at me if you take my advice and then hate HBO. By the way -- when it comes to my advice, generally Battlestar Galactica DVD set, my advice is, don't take my advice.......


Original Ludditte speaking: Once you get knack for Mac, you will looooooove it. It took me a Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD set, but now that I got it, I'll never go back to PC again.

Tom Shales: Thank you for the encouragement. This is what i thought would Alias DVD boxset. Even unpacking the thing is sort of inspiring, as opposed to the junkiness of PC's. The Mac box does have lovely Arrested Development DVD boxset and all that, it's a beautiful piece of industrial design - but then that cute keyboard, for starters, is a dainty little nuisance, it As Time Goes By DVD boxset to me, not impressive or very ergonomic, tho I suppose a large gaggle of scientific wizards spent hundreds of hours putting it Battlestar Galactica DVD boxset -- well the bottom line is that even if I love the Mac, there'll still be AOL to contend with....thanks!


Chattanooga, Tenn.: Maybe you should make a video where you treat your Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD boxset the way it deserves to be treated and send it in to Tosh.0.

Tom Shales: Tosh dot what? This isn't a naughty joke of some kind, is it? I am proud of having destroyed a computer or two in my time. It's the only revenge possible against these monstrous Alias Seasons 1-5 DVD boxset.


Bethesda, Md.: I've never read anything about Larry David's local Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 DVD boxset. I heard that he received his bachelors degree in history from U of MD College Park. Any story there? Is he a local boy? IfAs Time Goes By Seasons 1-9 DVD boxset, how did he end up a Terp?

Tom Shales: Yes he did go to the University of Maryland. I'm not sure if he Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1-4 DVD boxset since he has a history of bailing on things. It doesn't seem like the esteemed academicians of the U of M take much pride in Mr David, though they Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-7 DVD boxset should. As far as journalism goes, it's a good school to Alias DVD, but David wasn't there to learn journalism....


Germantown, Md.: You mentioned getting tired of Seinfeld Arrested Development DVD (reaching the tipping point regarding the characters' foibles). I wonder how much of that is because you can now watch a As Time Goes By DVD every day (at least once) as opposed to once a week.

Tom Shales: Yes, they were of course designed to be watched once a Battlestar Galactica DVD. Now I sometimes think, Did I really make a Seinfeld episode one of the absolute highlights of any given week's existence? Hey, I can Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD when NBC's Thursday night, virtually the whole thing, was absolute stay-at-home material. Of course -- that got to be a tradition, one which, in Alias DVD set climate, is pretty well kaput, and has been I guess since Seinfeld tippy-toed off into the wings.......Arrested Development DVD set LA Law? That was a smart, spiffy show, just part of the NBC Thursday -- and of course E.R. which hung in there for, what, 14 As Time Goes By DVD set or so? (just a guess, don't get mad if I'm wrong)......
Alias Seasons 1-5 DVD boxset
Alias DVD
Alias DVD set
Alias DVD boxset
2.Arrested Development
Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 DVD boxset
Arrested Development DVD
Arrested Development DVD set
Arrested Development DVD boxset
3.As Time Goes By
As Time Goes By Seasons 1-9 DVD boxset
As Time Goes By DVD
As Time Goes By DVD set
As Time Goes By DVD boxset
4.Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1-4 DVD boxset
Battlestar Galactica DVD
Battlestar Galactica DVD set
Battlestar Galactica DVD boxset
5.Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-7 DVD boxset
Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD set
Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD boxset
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Shales on TV Live: On Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, more
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