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A great place to learn more and chat about your beloved pet mice! All mouse owners and enthusiasts are welcome!
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 Rules of Canadian Pet Mouse Forum

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Miss Nikki
Miss Nikki

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Rules of Canadian Pet Mouse Forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Canadian Pet Mouse Forum   Rules of Canadian Pet Mouse Forum EmptyFri Mar 21, 2008 12:35 am

Please read all the rules before you post. I love you


-Rules may be changed at anytime by Administrators for any reason, with or without notice. It's your job as a member to make sure you read i t often and keep yourself updated! study

-New members must post at least 2 messages in the forum. These messages cannot be spam.

-Please keep the use of curses/swear words to a minimum, no matter what forum area you may be posting in.

-No posting pictures that contain nudity or cruelty towards animals.

-Absolutely no spam.

-No digging up of old topics. If no one has posted in a topic for more than 14 days, then the topic is considered dead.

-Use proper grammar. Please do not PoSt LiKe ThIszz~1@3. If you use full sentences and proper punctuation, chances are you will get more replies to your post and people will show you more respect.

-No unethical breeding or treatment of animals (specifically mice) is to be discussed.

-Any violation of rules may result in permissions to post being taken away, being suspended or placed on probation, and/or permanent banning. When rules are violated, Admin's and Mod's will decide the best action to take on an individual basis. Admin's and Mod's decisions are final! Moderators must consult Admin before banning any member.


A post from Miss Nikki.
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Rules of Canadian Pet Mouse Forum
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