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  Impressions After Watching Burn Notice

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Well Trained Mousie

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PostSubject: Impressions After Watching Burn Notice    Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:57 pm

At the first, I canít really understand what the burn notice mean just hear some reviews of the Burn Notice on dvd until I watched season 1 DVD borrowing from my friend. Then it attracts me to watch the rest seasons. If you have watched Dexter, you may find there are something similar among the two shows. I watched burn notice during the period when I was watching Dexter. Both the heroes are personal independence of conduct. They are the same charming but not nearly the beauties. Even many episodes are whacky in Burn Notice dvd but it is more a sitcom than a crime. Do you think so?
The former 4 seasons are all suit my taste, but a little disappointed of burn notice season 5. Even Mike is the Mike, Fiona is the Fiona, Sam is also the Sam, also the mum, Nate, Jesse. But I always feel there were something wrong after watched episodes 1-3. Maybe cause Mike began to work for CIA or Mike found he would never find out the answer he was looking for all the time. Whether there will be some turnaround afterwards? Who knows!

Burn Notice dvd collection,Burn Notice dvd release date

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Impressions After Watching Burn Notice
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